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Deviled Eggs

My mother-in-law makes the best deviled eggs.  I can’t wait for this weekend when we are going to her house for a holiday party.  I can always count on the deviled eggs to be there looking perfect on their platter. She even has an egg platter with little holes so the eggs don’t move around!  For some reason, I have always been hesitant about making deviled eggs.

Here is what I have learned while doing my deviled egg research. 
·Fresh eggs are harder to peel so buy them a week before you need them (but make sure to read the expiration date so they don’t expire)
·Peel the eggs under cold running water
·Cut a small piece off the bottom of the egg and it won’t roll around on your platter (or buy a neat egg platter!)
·Use a pastry bag (for frosting) or a ziploc bag with the tip cut off to pipe the filling into the eggs
·If there is a grayish/green ring around your yolk when you cut the egg open, you cooked it too long

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