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waffle-makerI think that every gluten free cook deserves a few neat gadgets in their kitchen.  After all, we have to be creative with our recipes and a few great kitchen appliances make me REALLY happy.

This week I found a VillaWare waffle maker at the discount store.  I thought it made regular shaped waffles and came with a flower attachment.  This was not the case.  It makes three beautiful waffles – one rose, one daisy, and one sunflower, but not regular shaped waffles.   That is just fine, because I am hooked on these adorable flower waffles.

We used Pamela’s Products pancake mix and followed the recipe for waffles on their website.  They tasted great and looked beautiful.

Other uses:  Take the sunflower shape and make strawberry shortcake.  You could also dip the daisy in cinnamon and sugar for a nice doughnut.  My husband wants me to use a savory batter and make appetizers using a cream cheese and salmon topping.   Lots of options and a lot of fun for your GF kitchen!

You can purchase the waffle maker at our website by clicking here.

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