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Video: How to Safely Dine Out with Food Allergies

This is a wonderful video about dining out safely with food allergies/intolerances.

One of my favorite people,  Kim Koeller, was just featured on the 700 Club, a production of the Christian Broadcast Network.  I was so excited when Kim (author of the Gluten Free Passport) told me she was going to be on the 700 Club.  I knew this would mean that many people that had not heard about gluten or food allergies would finally be informed through a non-allergy media source.  I am convinced that sometimes it is best for people to learn about allergies and intolerances through sources such as the clergy.

I think there are some folks that are so hard-headed that they can’t believe that people actually get sick from eating “normal” food.  The video of Kim allows those folks to see that this is a real issue and that even a show like the 700 Club believes it to be a true issue.  Hopefully, the video segment will shed some light on the topic of dining out with food allergies.

For more information about Kim’s great books and Iphone applications, go to  I also feature many of Kim’s books and product on our Dining and Travel page.

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