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Home Made Almond Milk

My sister has a passion for creating healthy foods for her child.  I love hearing what she has come up with and it usually something I have never thought of before.  Here is how she makes almond milk, a great non-dairy alternative.  She said the milk is very easy to make and that you just need to remember to soak the almonds for long enough.  She has been using a fine-mesh sieve but has just ordered a nut bag online for future batches.  She uses a Vitamix as her blender and says it really blends the almonds and water well.

1 cup almonds, preferably raw
filtered water

Place the almonds in a bowl and cover with filtered water.  Allow to soak 8-10 hours or overnight.

Drain the water.  Rinse the almonds with fresh water.

Place the almonds in a strong blender with 3 cups fresh filtered water.  Blend until smooth.

Pour through a fine mesh sieve, a cheesecloth or a nut bag.

You  can drink the milk plain or use it to make hot chocolate.

Click here for how to make hot chocolate.

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