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King Arthur Gfree Pancake Review

King Arthur Flours just sent me a box of their new gluten free products.  I received a box of pancake mix, muffin mix, and chocolate cake mix.  I was a little nervous to try the mixes for two reasons.  First, I hadn’t heard great things about the new mixes and second, I wasn’t sure I wanted to try a product made by a major “regular flour” manufacturer.  Then I read the boxes!

The gluten-free product line is manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free and eight top allergen-free facility!  That means that those of you that can’t eat nuts, peanuts, dairy, gluten, etc…. can enjoy!!  And so far, the mixes have been great.    I have tried the pancake mix and the muffin mix and everyone has loved both.  Click here to read about the muffins I made using the King Arthur Gluten Free Muffin Mix.  I made Coconut, Chocolate, Cranberry Ginger Muffins with the mix.

For the pancakes, I followed the package directions and it made ALOT of pancakes.  I have to admit, I am typing this a week after I made the pancakes and I didn’t write down how many pancakes we made.  But, we made very nice 2-3″ pancakes that fed my family of four for two complete breakfasts.  When the pancakes were fresh, they were very light, fluffy and not moist (not dried out).  When we reheated them and tried them a second time, they were slightly drier, but still very good for a second time.

I did not add anything fancy to the pancakes because I wanted to taste them plain.  I did use Spectrum Coconut Oil Spray in the pan so the pancakes wouldn’t stick.  I really love the Spectrum Coconut Oil Spray for baking things like pancakes, muffins and brownies – when a hint of coconut is wonderful! 

I made our pancakes on an electric griddle.  Here are the pictures of the pancakes being made.

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