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Is it Celiac Disease or IBS?

Many people at my various support groups are always asking about celiac disease vs. irritable bowel syndrome.  I received an email today with this great article comparing the two.

There is so much confusion in the general public (and sad but true – it seems amongst the doctors) about how to properly diagnose people with these issues.

Click here to read this easy-to-understand article about celiac disease vs. irritable bowel syndrome.  The article was in and I highly recommend subscribing to their email updates.  They have lots of informative articles and I usually find at least one article that is of interest to me per email they send.

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One Response to “Is it Celiac Disease or IBS?”

  1. My husband was diagnosed about 1 3/4 years ago with a possibly celiac and lymphocitic colitis.
    He was gluten free for about 2-3 months, then started eating gluten again. He was fine eating wheat products/gluten for 6 months. He became very ill and has remained gluten free since. Mind you, he continues to have attacks that last 2-3 weeks. They seem to come every 6 weeks. He has diarhea, nausea, vomits, lathargic, cold hands and feet, smells will trigger vomitting.
    We do not understand why these attacks last so long, when we are iliminating gluten from his diet. Please help us understand this disease.

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