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Fruit Kebabs

Summer makes me long for more fresh fruit.  From watermelon, canteloupe, peaches to berries…ripe, fresh, juicy fruit seems to call out to me in the summer.  I was at a Hispanic grocery store recently and saw this gorgeous display of fruit.   Don’t you just want to grab one and take a bite?

This morning we made fruit smoothies with 1 cup So Delicious Coconut Kefir, a fresh banana, fresh berries, an orange and POM pomegranate juice.  Plus, I added a Tablespoon of ground hemp seed for some added fiber and some heart-healthy ground cinnamon.

If you don’t feel like eating fruit fresh from the garden or market (learn how to wash produce here), make a smoothie or a fruit kebab.  Kids love fruit kebabs in their lunch at school.  My kids devour their fruit kebabs, especially when I send a cup of yogurt of kefir and they can dip the fruit in the creamy dip.  Their all-time favorite is watermelon, strawberry, pineapple kebabs dipped in strawberry kefir.

salty fig partner 23

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2 Responses to “Fruit Kebabs”

  1. Sue says:


    Would you please tell me if you have a recipe for the strawberry kefir? That sounds like a great addition to the fruit.

    • jkcafferty says:

      Hi Sue,

      We buy the So Delicious Strawberry Kefir. It is made from coconut milk and my kids love it! I have also taken the So Delicious Vanilla Kefir (coconut milk based) and added strawberries in the blender. If you want it sweeter you can just add some honey or agave. Jen

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