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Custom Choice Cereal: The perfect solution for gluten free breakfast or snacks

How many times do you buy a gluten-free cereal or bag of granola and it just isn’t quite right?  The texture is wrong, they used a nut or fruit you don’t like or you just wanted one more extra treat in it to make it perfect.  Now you are in control – you can create your own certified gluten free cereal and granola.

Custom Choice Cereal (CCC) is an incredible company.  Run by Hajo (a really great guy!), CCC has taken gluten free cereal and granola making to a new level.  Just as in Europe, now you can blend your own cereal products here in the states – and they are all gluten free and made in a dedicated facility.

My favorites are the ones made with fruits and nuts.  Hajo made me a blend called Gluten Free Fall Flakes.  It has coconut flakes and cranberries and is quite yummy!   You can order this blend (d39d18) or make your own (there are supposedly over 2.5 billion flavor possibilities).  I am going to take Hajo’s word on that one and not spend my time added up the combos

There are nuts, berries, fruits, and almost anything you can think to add to a cereal or granola.   The granola is so good that you can either eat it on it’s own or add it to your favorite yogurt product (we add it to our So Delicious coconut milk products).

Want to make your own cereal?  Here’s how it works.  Go to and use their easy to use Cereal Mixer.

Here is how it works:
1.  Choose your cereal base:  Cinnamon Granola, Organic Corn Flakes or Organic or Enriched Organic Good Morning Flakes.
2.  Add up to 11 ingredients:  Choose from dried fruits (conventional and organic), nuts & seeds, and even chocolate chips!
3.  Name your mix so you can reorder if you love it.
4.  Get your cereal in the mail in a few days.
5.  Enjoy your delicious treat.

Not only is the cereal and granola high quality – but Hajo offers flawless customer service.  He and Custom Choice Cereal are here to meet your gluten free needs.

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2 Responses to “Custom Choice Cereal: The perfect solution for gluten free breakfast or snacks”

  1. Maggie says:

    What a great idea! Too bad it’s only in the states! I just made some granola tonight. This would be just like making your own granola minus the mess!

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