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Easy Asian Noodle Soop

Asian PotteryI really miss the Asian noodle soups I used to eat before I went gluten free. For the past few weeks I have been trying the Shirataki noodles (the zero calorie already cooked noodles). Here is how I use them in soup.

Note: For my soy sauce, I use San-J wheat free tamari. I find it to be rich and smooth and the perfect addition to the soup. Other options are Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids or LaChoy Soy Sauce.

Easy Asian Noodle Soup

5 cups chicken, beef or vegetable broth
2 Tablespoons wheat free tamari or gluten free soy sauce
1 sheet nori seaweed, cut into 1″ strips
1 cup scallion greens, slivered
2 cups fresh shitaki mushrooms, woody ends removed
1 bag, shirataki noodles, drained and rinsed

In a stock pot, combine all ingredients except noodles. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer. Cover pot and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Add noodles. Taste to see if you need to add more soy sauce.

TamariNori Noodles

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