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Gluten Free Bakery Offers Top-Notch Products

We all know how hard it is to bake really fantastic gluten free goodies.  Some of us even try our hand at starting a gluten free business.  Every once in a while I stumble upon a small company with really great products that I want to share with you.

Janet Siena of Arlington Heights, Illinois started Gluten Free Cookie Passion last year and has a wonderful product line that I want to share with you today.  With eight family members diagnosed with Celiac Disease over the years, Janet wanted to create something that would satisfy even the pickiest sweet-tooth in her family.  Drawing from years of experience baking for her two children, she began experimenting in her kitchen at home and sought suggestions from eager family and friends. The rave reviews and support were eventually what motivated her to start up her own internet business, Gluten Free Cookie Passion.

Knowing how sensitive her own sisters are to even the slightest gluten contamination, Janet created a dedicated GF kitchen in her home, which she had certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health. As her products gained popularity, she also began working with a contract baker to keep up with the demand. She was delighted when Saint Joseph Hospital and the University of Chicago Medical Center began carrying her products as a GF option.

From Dark German Chocolate Cupcakes (shown in the picture above) to Raspberry-Filled Sugar Cookies and Valencia Orange Cakes, there is something for every palette. Her personal favorite is the dairy-free Carrot Cake Muffin with Molasses frosting or her new Non Dairy Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate frosting.  Janet is always exploring other opportunities and searching for creative ideas. Most recently she joined an Organic Networking Group to discover new possibilities and meet others who are interested in serving the GF community as well.

As for the title of her company, that was no mistake. Janet’s desire to pursue those things she enjoys most – baking and helping those she loves enjoy a GF lifestyle – brought Gluten Free Cookie Passion to life. She is grateful for all the support she’s received from her friends and customers thus far and is looking forward to sharing her passion for years to come.

For more information on Gluten Free Cookie Passion, please visit Or contact her directly at 847-651-3550.

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