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Thanksgiving Followup: Notes to Self

Every year before Thanksgiving I make an excel sheet with everything that needs to be done and the dishes that need to be prepared.  This year, I decided (just this morning while still cleaning up from the festivities!) that I should write down what worked well and didn’t work well.  Here are my Notes to Self for Thanksgiving.

*Buy a kosher turkey.  Already brined and delicious.
*Roast the turkey in an electric oven for the juiciest bird (you can buy them for under $30 at any large retail store).
*Rub the turkey with grapeseed oil and poultry seasoning.
*Make sure to remove the giblets and neck!  I found a little bag of giblets tucked under a flap of skin after I cooked the bird this year.  Very bizarre…..
*You don’t need as many sweet potatoes as you think!  Thankfully, my sister-in-law, Joan made the perfect amount of sweet potatoes this year.  I would have made way to many as usual.
*Buy pre-made pie shells if possible and bake the day before Thanksgiving.  We made two pumpkin and two maple pecan pies.
*Add a little white wine to the gravy – very tasty!
*Make sorghum popcorn balls for the kids for dessert
*Sausage in the stuffing (1 hot link and 2 mild) make it perfect!
*The kids loved the mini corn muffins made from Bob’s Red Mill mix.
*Don’t put salad dressing on the salad.  Serve it on the side so the leftovers aren’t soggy.
*The Simple Organic Pumpkin Cake mix is really moist and great with dried cranberries.
*The spiral sliced ham and dark chocolate covered cranberries from Trader Joe’s were exceptional!
*Costco had the best deals on clear plastic plates and cut flowers.
*Have containers ready for people to take leftovers home.

I’ll add more as I remember while I am cleaning!

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