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Thanksgiving GFCF Cookbook Is Available for Download

Now you don’t need to worry about what to prepare for your gluten free Thanksgiving.  The GFCF E-Cookbook has more than twenty of my favorite, easy to prepare recipes.  Plus, you get a list of the gluten free turkey brands and my list of helpful tips and ingredient substitutions.  Download your copy now.

Bring a pie to Thanksgiving that everyone will want to eat, make side dishes and soups, and the most incredible baked goods and desserts using basic ingredients.  You don’t need specific flour blends or fancy ingredients.

No one will know that your Thanksgiving foods are gluten and dairy free and you can finally celebrate the holiday with foods that taste just like the “real thing”!

For less than the cost of a special holiday magazine from the grocery store, you can get all of your dietary needs met in this convenient cookbook.  Just click and download the .pdf. You can save it, print it or view it on your e-book reader.

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3 Responses to “Thanksgiving GFCF Cookbook Is Available for Download”

  1. Jen,
    Your Thanksgiving Gluten Free Cookbook download is fabulous! Kudos to you to help those with gluten and dairy issues! Keep up the great work!
    Looking forward to trying some recipes!
    Warmest regards,
    Aly AllerDine – The Food Allergy Friendly (and Gluten Free) Restaurant Guide

    • jkcafferty says:

      Thanks Aly! Keep up your good work too! Please let your readers know about the book. I am off to make some of the pumpkin muffins now….

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