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Cheater German Chocolate Cake

Looking to make the world’s fastest gluten free german chocolate cake?  Here you go…

If my husband was told he could eat only one food for the rest of his life it would probably be German Chocolate Cake.  When we were dating I made him a HUGE german chocolate cake in the shape of a heart.  I think I made it for Valentine’s Day or his birthday – I can’t remember anymore.  This year for his birthday I asked what he wanted me to make for dinner and he said he wanted German Chocolate Cake like the one I made him years ago.

The only problem was that he told me this at 2pm and I had to pick up my kids at 2:45 and we had karate and dinner had to be served at 6:15 before we had another commitment.  What did I do?  I decided Betty would help me out.

Everyone once in a while I allow Betty to join me in the kitchen.  She used to help me a lot before we went gluten free and now I occasionally have her help me out when I am in a pinch for time.  And one again, she came through with flying colors – and a perfect gluten free German Chocolate Cake.

A quick trip to the grocery store for a few ingredients and the kids and I were ready to bake.  Two boxes of Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix, 2 cans of Betty Crocker German Chocolate Frosting, a bottle of So Delicious Coconut Kefir and we were set to go.

Follow the directions on the cake mix and replace the water with the coconut kefir.  I use the vanilla kefir for baking.  I tried this trick because my old German Chocolate Cake recipes called for buttermilk.  I generally use the non-dairy kefir for a buttermilk replacement and it works perfectly every time.  Make the cakes in whatever shape you want.  If you are only making one cake or cupcakes, just buy one box of mix and one can of frosting.

Allow the cakes to cool and frost with the canned frosting.  You can slice the cakes into layers too.  And top with some sprinkled coconut for an additional “homemade look”.  What a treat and it only takes minutes to prepare!

Note:  The Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix tends to come out darker than a traditional german chocolate cake.

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4 Responses to “Cheater German Chocolate Cake”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I love So Delicious coconut milk kefir, but I never would have thought of baking with it! And German Chocolate Cake is a family favorite. I’m really looking forward to trying this!

  2. Hi Jen!

    Just finding your site for the first time! Wonderful Information :) and I LOVE that you used Coconut Kefir.. I have been eyeing it for weeks thinking I needed to use it in a recipe.
    Looking forward to looking through this site further!


  3. Amanda says:

    I am so happy you posted this. My grandmother used to make me a German Chocolate Cake for my bday every year. She made it from scratch and it was amazing. I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago so I could not have it on my last bday and it was my 30th, a big one. So I ordered an expensive cake to be made from a specialty bakery and it was horrific. My family, friends and I took it to dinner with us and we had to stop ourselves from spitting it out as we were in public.

    My bday is coming up again and I will be trying this out ahead of time to see if it will replace my grandma’s cake. So happy!

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