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Popsicle making at Jen's house

At our house summer is about popsicles.  I have become slightly obsessed this past week with them.  I pulled out all of our old popsicle molds and even took out the Zoku Quick-Pop Maker that I bought last year.  The Zoku is supposed to make popsicles in 7 minutes.  The concept is great and it does freeze the popsicles fast – but I almost always have a problem removing the pops from the mold.  I have even enlisted my husband’s help on this mission and he almost hurt his elbow pulling the frozen treats out.  Although it is a fast gadget, I’d save your money and just buy a few more cheap popsicle holders and make more at once so you always have them handy.

Last weekend we made coffee popsicles, grape popsicles and orange juice popsicles.  Today I made strawberry citrus popsicles.  All were so yummy and easy!

Coffee popsicles:  cold coffee, cream or non-dairy coffee creamer and some sweetener (we used So Delicious Coffee Creamer and agave nectar).  Mix and freeze.

Grape creamy  popsicles:  grape kool-aid and a little powdered vanilla pudding mix to make the popsicles creamy.  Mix it all up and freeze.

Orange juice popsicles:  freeze freshly squeezed orange juice.  Or use any orange juice – it all tastes good frozen!

Strawberry citrus popsicles:  fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple and a splash of orange juice.  Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until pourable.  Pour into containers and freeze.

Make any combination that you love.  Or use your leftover smoothies from breakfast!

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