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Berry Basil Smoothie

Here is another smoothie courtesy of my daughter and her girlfriends.  I was busy typing and I looked out the back window and it looked like there were little monkeys on my fence.  The girls and my son crawled up on top of the fence to pick mulberries off our neighbor’s tree.  It was so cute!  They looked like kids out in the country instead of in the suburbs.

Mulberry Picking

I’m also amazed that they chose to put herbs in their smoothie and how wonderful it tasted!  Refreshing and a perfect blend of flavors.  It turns out one of the girls doesn’t like berries so the other two drank the whole thing.  They even put it on top of shaved ice to make berry snow cones.

2 cups berries, such as mulberries and blueberries
1 cup orange juice
4 basil leaves
2 teaspoons cilantro

Put in a blender and blend until smooth.

salty fig partner 23

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One Response to “Berry Basil Smoothie”

  1. Joan Landry says:

    Thanks for sharing the pic and the recipe! I love seeing children climbing and just being kids…Please let Alyssa know that I will be trying out her recipe, our house is filled with smoothie lovers:)

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