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Sign the FDA Gluten Free Petition Today

BREAKING NEWS – Gluten-Free Labeling Update

Last year, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials made a commitment to the celiac community that the gluten-free labeling rule would be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2012 (September 30). That date has come and gone.

The FDA has already heard from us. It’s time for higher officials to know the celiac community needs gluten-free labeling standards, NOW!

The White House has provided us the opportunity to express our concerns through an open petition. Make sure your voice is heard – sign the petition on the White House We the People webpage.

After you sign the petition, please click on the Twitter and Facebook links on the page and post to your followers, friends, and family members.

The celiac community has been working hard on getting this labeling law changed for many years!

Thanks so much!

Just click here to sign the petition and make our voices heard!

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3 Responses to “Sign the FDA Gluten Free Petition Today”

  1. tracy says:

    can’t get petition page to come up, what is the link?

  2. Mary Anne Hoben says:

    The link is missing a colon after https – just thought you should know.

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