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Celebrate Oktoberfest with New Planet Brown Ale

NPB Brown Ale label

We would like to introduce you to our featured partner:

New Planet Beer Company

Based in Boulder, Colorado, New Planet Beer is America’s pioneer in 100% gluten-free beer!

With six ale styles, New Planet has a beer for every occasion:

Pale Ale
Amber Ale
Blonde Ale
Raspberry Ale
Belgian Ale
Brown Ale

ALL New Planet ales are brewed with dedication to the following:

100% Gluten Free = Celiac Safe
All Natural Ingredients
Superior Quality, Flavor and Style
Sustainable and Planet Friendly

The newest member of the New Planet Beer family is New Planet Brown Ale:

This award-winning ale is rich in character and depth, highlighted by coffee and chocolate flavors, with subtle cinnamon and vanilla notes on the finish. Winner of two Great American Beer Festival Medals - the 2012 Silver Medal & the 2013 Bronze Medal in the Gluten Free Beer Category!

The Man Behind New Planet Beer…

new planet owner

When Pedro Gonzalez was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, he  thought his craft-beer drinking days were over. Not one to put his passion for beer aside, he realized that if he wanted gluten-free ales; he would have to brew them himself. He enlisted the help of a brewer/friend to begin this journey and now, through determination and innovation, New Planet Beer is a national leader in the production of 100% gluten-free beers.

Visit for the full story.

Where can you get New Planet Beer? Click HERE 

Want to save $1.00* on your next 4-pack of New Planet? Click HERE

* NOT all States allow redemption of Beer Coupons

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