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Good Morning Texas!

We’ve wrapped up our final Expo of 2013. It’s been a whirlwind year and Dallas, Texas was an amazing way to finish! I was interviewed for ABC’s Channel 8 Good Morning Texas to help educate the public the need for gluten-free. I also was able to share some of the fantastic gluten-free products on the market like Local Oven, Bakery on Main, Red Apple Lipstick, Bluebonnet Soaps n’ Such, Canyon Oats, Smart Flour Foods, San-J, Enjoy Life, Schar, Erewhon, NOW, and NoGii.

2014 is right around the corner and we’re expanding to seven cities across the US.

Have you tried our Find Me Gluten Free app to find gluten-free businesses locally and when travelling?  Be sure to follow FMGF on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.

Share with our community your review of a gluten-free find now on Find Me Gluten Free!

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