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Ronzoni Adds Gluten-Free Pasta


Did you know Ronzoni Pasta has added a gluten-free option to their product line up?

Search their gluten-free pasta recipes for inspiration!  Ronzoni gluten-free pasta is available nationwide.  To find a store near you visit their Pasta Locator.

Here are the details from Ronzoni’s website about their Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta:

Ronzoni Gluten Free’s Story
Now you can enjoy great tasting gluten free pasta. Ronzoni Gluten Free™ Pasta is made with a unique multigrain blend of white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa that gives it the delicious white pasta taste you know and love while providing 19 grams of whole grain per serving. And Ronzoni Gluten Free™ Pasta is available in a variety of cuts to complement many of your favorite pasta recipes.

Their multigrain pasta is made in a dedicated gluten free facility so you can rest assured that it is gluten free. Each ingredient is verified to be gluten free and then each step of the process is strongly controlled to protect the product from gluten contamination.

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