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Dining & Travel

GFree Restaurant, Hotel, B&B and Cruise Directory
Gluten Free On The Go is the world’s largest database of gfree restaurants, hotels, b&bs and cruises. They even have fast food listings. Click here to go to this great website.

GFree Restaurant Listings
Looking for gfree restaurants in North America? Look no further! Visit The Celiac Scene to find just what you are looking for. Please make sure to let the folks at the Celiac Scene know about any other restaurants that are gfree-friendly. They make every effort to keep their site up-to-date!

GFree Airline Meals
The Gluten Free Passport offers tips on flying gfree. Click here to see how each airline deals with gfree meals.

Iphone Applications
The Gluten Free Passport has created Iphone applications for gfree dining. They have one for fast food restaurants and one for general dining restaurants.

The Gluten Free Registry
The Gluten Free Registry is a database of gfree businesses around the United States

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