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GFree Art Supplies

playdoughSpecial artists deserve special art supplies! Here are some purveyors of gfree art supplies.

Clay, PlayDough and Silly Putty That is GFree:
Aroma Dough
Mama K’s Aromatic Dough
Blue Dominoes Activity Dough
Lakeshore Wheat and Gluten Free Dough
Colorations Wheat and Gluten Free Dough
Silly Putty
Claycrete Papier Mache

Stickers & Tape That Are GFree:
Sandy Lion Stickers
Smile Makers (Staples stores and online)
3M Brand Tape
Scotch Magic Tape
Post-It Notes

Paints That are GFree:
Crayola Paints
Palmer Paint Products
Ross Paints (finger paint is NOT gfree)
**Elmer’s and Ross finger paints are NOT gfree.

GFree Sand:
Delta Sand
Moon Sand

GFree Writing and Coloring:
Crayola Products are gfree, except their doughs
Sanford/Mr. Sketch markers are gfree

GFree Glues:
Crayola glitter glue is gfree
Elmer’s glue is gfree
Ross glues are gfree
Traditional paste glues are NOT gfree

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