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Restaurant and Business Consultation

Looking for help with your business?  Not quite sure how to meet the needs of the gluten and allergen-free communities?  No need to worry.  Help is on the way!

Fees to hire Jen Cafferty as your consultant:  $400 for first consultation lasting up to 2 hours; $150 per hour after.  All travel fees to be paid by client.

Restaurant Consultation

  • Source the best gluten-free products for your restaurant
  • Create a gluten-free menus from your existing menus
  • Train your staff and set up protocols of safe practices
  • Market your restaurant to the gluten-free community

Store Consultation:

  • Source the best gluten-free products for your store
  • Create an environment that is friendly to the gluten-free consumer
  • Market your store to the gluten-free community

Company Consultation:

  • Create focus groups to understand how your product compares to your competition
  • Understand the current gluten-free marketplace and consumers
  • Create a marketing plan that will launch your products beyond your current capabilities


For more information:  Email Jen at or call 847-217-1317


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